Inked Beauties is one of the first glamour bikini modelling competitions in Australia to welcome tattooed models. The modelling industry and society in general struggle to accept women with tattoos, and leaves no place for beautiful young tattooed models to showcase their art work with pride.

The event is to prove that these Inked Beauties are unique and should not be stereotyped so quickly. This is accomplished by incorporating innovative categories into our parades, such as burlesque with class, and themed bikini.  Inked Beauties ambitions are to change the perception of tattooed models in the modelling industry by demonstrating tasteful and classy events. The young women participating must present themselves as professionally as would any catwalk model, and aim to project elegance and confidence throughout their time on the stage.

Enter the Inked Beauties Competition and showcase your art with pride


Inked Beauties made its way into the spot light in 2011 and began to change media perceptions about tattooed modelling and altering the forces that shape this industry. Inked Beauties has attracted attention Australia wide. Newspapers from as far as Western Australia followed the controversial story of female models with tattoos and was even filmed by Channel Nine ‘A Current Affair’ during the 2011 Grand finals.


Creating a place within the modelling industry to welcome tattooed glamour models. – Changing stereotypes and altering the perception of beauty.